2010 FIFA World Cup legacy trust, a catalyst for football development-SAFSA


In reaction to the official launch of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust, which took place at the FNB Stadium on Monday, December 12, the Executive Committee of the South African Football Supporters’ Association (SAFSA) has welcomed the initiative and congratulated FIFA, the South African Government and SAFA, for this jointly conceived initiative with a start-up of USD 80 million.

“SAFSA welcomes and supports this joint initiative. In our view, the Trust will pave way for a tailor-made football development programme with specific focus on education. We have no doubt, that the Trust will manifest itself as a true catalyst in South Africa’s football development, currently in a state of distress” said the Association’s Executive Director, Siyabulela Makunga

The Association has also noted the recommitment by the Football Family, to plough back the proceeds of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to our communities from grassroots. The beneficiaries of the Trust will benefit through football development and interventions in healthcare and education programmes.

“”It is inspiring to have witnessed that government and the football family have collectively prioritized social investment as opposed to self enrichment. It is a commitment which will go a long way in the resuscitation of football and social uplifting, particularly to those in the periphery of our economy” he added

SAFSA will soon be submitting an application for operational and development funding from the Trust, in order to advance the interests of its members.

“The Association further wishes to take this opportunity and extend its sincere gratitude to distinguished persons and organizations that supported SAFSA for it to fulfill its noble cause. We would like to wish our members, stakeholders and strategic partners a happy, safe and fulfilling festive season” he concluded


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