Black Centric Forum has enumerated a complaint of psychological warfare with the HRC against Pick n’ pay and Shoprite

Black Centric Forum has enumerated a complaint of psychological warfare with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against Pick n’ pay and Shoprite for selling White dolls in the Black community for which we believe is successfully breeding a social engineering and Kaffirinization of Black babies as evident in our much evident self hatred. We have delivered the complaint at the HRC on 18 March 2018 as represented by Black Centric Forum’s Spokesperson, our beloved sister Mpho Ntlantleng.

First, it will only be materially fair for us to explain what Psychological Warfare is and how it is used to destroy the dignity of black people in this regard.

The South African Constitution makes provision for the right to human dignity. And although that has not been broken down in detail, we have with us, a history of dehumanization, discrimination, oppression, racism, black holocaust and psychological warfare against blacks and that in essence took away our dignity. So after 1994, it is clear that psychological warfare remained an indispensable demon to deal with, which presents itself in numerous ways – the television system, newspapers, the education and dolls which are used to promote white supremacy and the black inferiority complex which then becomes a contradiction of the Supreme law’s right to dignity. According to a number of sources, various techniques are used in psychological warfare and are aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning or behaviour. It is used to destroy the morale of enemies through tactics that aim to depress the victim’s psychological states.

Now, how do Shoprite and Pick N’ Pay participate in psychological warfare by selling white dolls in the black community?

First, a Doll is not a toy but a transitional object in which the baby’s psychology become the target. Because when a black baby plays with a White doll, they will in turn internalize the typological effect of whiteness much that when they come across White people, they are likely to embrace them more than they embrace themselves which then compromises their right to human dignity because there is no human being can have dignity if they don’t love themselves under another race’s carefully engineered mechanism.
So we have also opened a petition at that can be sent through on request, the petition is to enforce the removal of White dolls in shops operating in the black community and was submitted to the Shoprite at 80 Eloff Street in Johannesburg Town on the 31st of march 2018 between 08am-10am in a demonstration that led to the closing down of the Shop between those times as witnessed by about 13 Policemen from John Vorster Police Station.
We believe that it is not incidental that Shops operating in the black community are selling the majority of White dolls, and if they do sell black dolls, those are uglier and wears aprons to determine a projected purpose of black people in Society. In addition, on sincerity and common sense, how can a shop that has 100% brown/black people going in and out, be selling White dolls or dolls that represent another race? This is because they want to condition the minds of black babies to submit to White supremacy and succumb to European Standards of beauty and we have taken it upon ourselves to stand up against Psychological Warfare in all forms.

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