A-Tek launches Polar Pro Filters

A-Tek distribution once again delivers a spectacular GoPro accessory to photography enthusiasts and professionals.

The latest product is Polar Pro Filters, a brand that specialises in manufacturing accessories for GoPro cameras in order to enhance the filming and photography experience.

PolarPro filters are exactly that – professionals in the best filters to use for a variety of filming and photography conditions. These filters are created for a variety of sports. These include deep sea diving, scuba diving, professional snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, snow sports, fishing and almost any other opportunity that arises to snap those amazing moments!

This range of filters maintains an effortless “snap-on” innovation, making it possible for anyone from the professional to the average happy snapper to capture their most treasured moments in a flash. The snap-on filter enables a faster way to attach and remove the filter or chop and change a filter for a variety of colour schemed pictures during action shots.

POLARPRO Aqua Red Filter:

The point of a red filter is to compensate for red light loss take takes place under water from about 10 feet. The GoPro Hero3+’s white balance is thrown off because of the red light loss, causing the camera to record colours that are too blue or too green. A red filter compensates for the red light loss by tricking the camera into recording natural colours the way they are seen by the eye. The red filter improves underwater colours from 10 feet – 80 feet. This makes it perfect for blue and tropical water diving. The filter also has an optical scratch resistant glass. The red filter is designed for use with the Hero 3 and retails at a price of


POLARPRO Aqua Magenta Filter:

When diving, red light loss causes the camera’s white balance to distort. In green water, when red is lost, the only colour left is green, which results in images that veer towards lime green. Using a magenta filter reduces excess green colours leaving behind naturally balanced colours. This filter is designed for underwater colour correction in green water. It improves

underwater colours and reduces the excess green. The filter also has optical scratch resistant glass. The POLARPRO’s Aqua Magenta filter is the perfect tool for filming in fresh water or areas such as Canada, the East Coast or the UK that all have green water. The Magenta filter is designed for use with the Hero 3 and retails at a price of R499.00.

POLARPRO Venture Polarizer Filter:

This filter is designed to reduce glare, improve the colour saturation and capture sharper images. The filter is perfect for filming near snow and water and is a popular filter for many types of photography. The Venture Polarizer Filter 3+ glass edition is designed for use with the Hero 3/3+ and retails at a price of R284.52.

POLARPRO Switchblade3+ Red Macro Filter

This 3 in 1 combo has a red filter plus a glass macro lens, both of which can swing away and be used in any combination. This filter has colour correction and macro capabilities. The swinging lenses offer maximum versatility, making it the ultimate filming tool for diving. This filter allows photographers to film with or without a red filter, and with or without a macro lens, or any combination of the two. This enables capture of the best underwater colourful close-up shots and videos of aquatic life. The Switchblade3+ Red Macro filter is designed for the Hero3+ and

retails at a price of R512.52


This is the newest version, which features a glass lens that provides even more magnification power than before. The new glass lens is also much more durable and scratch resistant than its predecessor.

This filter is perfect accessory for adding close up magnified shots to GoPro Videos. The Macro lens is designed to reduce the focal length of the camera, allowing the camera to focus while filming as closely as 2 inches away from subjects. Enabling of sharp close-up photos and videos is also possible.

This creative macro allows creative close-ups to be captured like never before with the GoPro Hero3 Plus camera. The Macro Lens Filter retails at R284.52.

POLARPRO Venture Neutral Destiny Filter

This filter is most common for movement shots when creating motion blur. The camera’s shutter speed is slowed down, creating a motion blur and capturing high speed movement without the “jello effect/wobble”. This makes it the perfect filter for motor sports and RC enthusiasts who want the perfect motion shot or video. The Neutral Destiny Filter retails at R284.52


A-Tek continues to keep up with the latest and most effective software and accessories in order to provide customers with a high quality range of tools. With A-tek’s PolarPro Filters range, every image is worth more than a thousand words. The PolarPro Filters are currently available at Incredible Connection stores. 

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