Absa empowers women's football


According to Lynn Naude, Absa’s newly appointed General Manager for Sponsorships and Events, the league has provided a platform  to empower our women players’. “Through life skills and financial education workshops, we empower them with lessons which will help them develop into productive citizens on and off the field.

We’re especially proud that AWL will officially kick off on December 10 which marks the last day of the 16 Days of Activism

campaign,” she said.

The league will be divided into three phases: 

starting with club level within all 52 SAFA regions; phase two; once all regional winners have been decided, they will move on to participate in the AWL provincial league play -offs,  which will determine two teams to be promoted to Sasol League,  and phase three will be a weeklong festival to be held at central venue scheduled for August 2011, and all the players will receive provincial colours.

“We are confident as the South African Football Association that as the tournament grows bigger and stronger; many more players will be unearthed to strengthen our Senior Women’s National Team – Banyana Banyana.

Our country is vast; as a result we can’t be at all corners at all times to check on players, so we rely on such competitions to look for talent.

The SAFA regional coaches are the one’s better placed to assist the national team coaches. By selecting the best coaches at regional level, this helps the national team coaches to get the best players for the country – so we all have a role to play in building a great national team. Remember that a strong league leads to a very competitive national team,” said SAFA President Kirsten Nematandatani.


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