THE LITTLEKIDSGOLF foundation is set to host yet another spectacular golfing tournament for the kids from in and around Gauteng and from other parts of South Africa.

The Foundation was initiated in 2004 by parents from all over South Africa. Littlekidsgolf Marketing and Executive Committee member Belinda Stevens says that the Foundation aims to provide more access to golf courses and golf competitions for younger children aged from 5 to 12.

“The Littlekidsgolf aims to provide competitive tournaments via the local golf clubs. The aim is to expose 2000 kids to Golf in South Africa and give these kids a realization that there can be, fair, competitiveness in an environment of integrity, which will contribute in making these kids upstanding citizens and example to their peer in their communities”, said Stevens.

The Littlekidsgolf organization proudly sponsored by Srixon hosts no fewer than 12 events a year in the Gauteng area at numerous golf courses to promote golf amongst youngsters. Kids all over the country can enter to participate in the tournament as there are no severe requirements. “There are no requirements and selection criteria except a brief knowledge of the game and it rules”, further uttered Stevens.

About a hundred of kids will be competing and showcasing their talent and love of the game in the upcoming tournament. All the action is set to take place in one of the best Golf Courses in South Africa-Wood hill Golf Course, East of Pretoria on November 14 from 11am till 5pm.




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