Bay United retain their NDF status

THE Premier Soccer League DC has delivered its sanction in the case involving Dynamos and Bay United, by a majority of three to one.


On Monday this week, Bay United was found guilty of fielding an unregistered player following a complaint by Dynamos.  The PSL DC ruled that the player in question, who was registered under the name and identification document of Realeboga Bolly Matlou and played for Bay United in National First Division league fixtures, was not Realeboga Bolly Matlou.

Yesterday both parties submitted mitigating and aggravating circumstances to the PSL DC.

The majority of the PSL DC members handed down the following sanction yesterday:

            The registration of the player under the name and registration card bearing the name Realeboga Bolly Matlou is nullified;

            Bay United is fined R300 000.00, R200, 000.00 of which is suspended for a period of twelve (12) months on condition that Bay United  is not found guilty of a similar offence during the period of suspension;

            Bay United to pay the costs of all the sittings in respect of the matter;

          The complaint fee be refunded to Dynamos.


In its ruling on Monday, the Panel had found that there was no blameworthiness on the part of Bay United. In deciding on the sanction, the majority of the Panel found that although Bay United had been found guilty of a serious offence, it found that there had been no deliberate breach of the National Soccer League (NSL) Rules therefore expunging points in the matches that the player played would not be an appropriate sanction. The Panel further found that there was nothing in the conduct of Bay United that warrants that an adverse cost order should be made against it and therefore ordered that each party should pay its own legal costs.


The sanction handed down by the minority of the PSL DC was the following:

            The points and goals gained as a result of the fielding of the player by Bay United be expunged.

            Bay United to pay all expenses of and incidental to the consideration of the matter, including the costs of the sitting of the Disciplinary Committee;

            Bay United be fined R200, 000.00, half of which to be suspended on condition that they are Bay United is not found guilty of the same offence for a period of the entire season;

            Bay United to send a written apology to the League and its sponsors, within seven days of the order.

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