Bhelekazi to rock at Sport Focus Party

By Thabisile Masimula

HAILING FROM THE Eastern part of South Africa, Bhelekazi is not just a pretty face, her angelic voice commands attention.

Born in Mdantsane, East London, this ambitious young lady goes by her stage name of Bhelekazi and that is how she is known to her fans. Although she was born in South Africa, the shy and reserved Bhelekazi spent most of her time in England where she pursued her music career and she has since released two singles abroad.

Like many others, she started singing when she was still very young in church and that is where her love for music started from. “I was also the chairperson of the Sunday school at some point”, she said laughing.

This singing sensation matriculated at Strategic High in Umtata and took on a Fashion Designing course while trying to figure out what she really wanted to do, and that is music. “I did not even finish my course and in my second year, I went to England and that is where I have been since 6 years ago” says Bhele.

Music seems to be running through the bloodline of the Ruiters family since this young lady’s late dad, Pam, was also a musician. “My dad always wanted all of us to get into the music industry”.

Behind her is a very supportive single mother of four who has always been there for her since day one. “My whole family has been there for me and that is including all my siblings, my sister Monalisa, little sister Chantelle, and brother Dwain.

Bhelekile’s short term goal is to grab a whole lot of awards here at home, and she doesn’t limit the sky for herself as she is aiming all that to happen by next year. “I also want to be recognized here at home and internationally by working with international artists, I am currently working with Miami’s former professional tennis player who recently turned to pursue his music career, Gregg Johnson and I am enjoying every minute of it” acknowledged Bhele.

This young, hot and fresh talented singer may not be known to many South Africans but she has built herself a strong support base in England where she also did theatre although she is going to be around SA for the time being but she doesn’t promise whether she’s here for good or not, “anything is possible, if I have to go back to England, then I will have to”, she confessed

This rising star’s passion for music doesn’t only lie in music; she has also done a lot of theatre while in England. When asked on how she sees the South African music scene she said that it is only a challenge, but one needs to stay focused. “I wish SA artists could collaborate more with international artists and not limit themselves” she said.

This young lady is full of surprises. One can never even notice that she has a huge soft spot for children. “While in England, I studied Child Care Specialist and attained a Diploma.”

It has not been an easy journey for this singer and about how she managed to stay focused she said “I tell myself that we were given authority to pursue anything we put our mind into, and God would want us to use it to our full potential, and life is the easiest thing if we just believe”, powerful words by this young music sensation.

Her music ranges from afro pop to dance and there is variety to accommodate all music lovers. Her upcoming album which will be her big break with comprise of 15 tracks including hits such as Undedwa and Shathisam’. Among the big names she’s worked with is the South African Bongo Maffin member, Junior whom he also features on his upcoming album.

For all the fellow South African brothers who are wondering whether this beautiful sister is available or not and for all those who have set their eyes on her, good news is that she is single and not looking, “I am currently single”, she said with a warm smile.

All music lovers can catch this hot new and fresh musician at Sports Focus’ Christmas Party on Tuesday where she promised to rock the crowd “It is going to be a fun filled, exciting and dancing show where hits like Candy will be heard for the first time by most of the locals” she promised.


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