BMW X6 has sheer presence


LOOKS are not everything, people like to say. But if we’re honest, looks play a major part in almost all of the decisions we make – from buying a house, to choosing a pair of shoes, and obviously, buying a new car. The last one excludes those practical folks who buy a vehicle for the mere use of getting from A to B.

And looks are a subjective thing. We all have different points of view when it comes to deciding what’s hot, and what’s not. Let’s use the Nissan Juke, which we tested recently, as an example: some might find its quirky styling charming, and unique. While others might just opt for something a little more conventional altogether.

The BMW X6, which has given the manufacturer’s “Sports Activity Coupe” label, is one product that has managed to really divide opinions. Hardcore BMW faithfuls would criticise its chunky size, and bulkiness – quite different to the marque’s history of creating elegant, sleek saloons and coupes, while others would find the X6’s size assuring, formidable and even attractive – in a Kim Kardashian kind of way. One thing is unequivocal, though – which ever side of the fence you fall on: the BMW X6 is a vehicle with major presence, you can’t help but sit up and take notice, when you spot one on our roads.

This is thanks to its large footprint, as well as the curves featured in its bodywork. While most SUVs have a taller roof – adding to that sense of height, the X6 seems to adopt a coupe-like profile – a testament to its status as a “Sports Activity Coupe.”

If you’ve got the funds demanded by the premium stable of BMW products, then you might as well go all the way and opt for one of the top-of-the-line X6 models – like the xDrive50i. This model joined the diesel and petrol variants that were introduced at launch. One wouldn’t be short of power, thanks to a V8 twin turbo engine being housed beneath the vehicle’s big front-end. Get a load of these figures: the V8 mill churns out a tasty-sounding 300-kilowatts and an absolutely whopping 600 Newton-metres of torque. Its acceleration times might scare away true performance sports cars and hot hatches into hiding – BMW claim that the 0-100km/h sprint will be done in 5,4 seconds, where you’ll be able to keep going until the limited top speed of 250km/h.

In typical BMW fashion, the driver is not left in want of any impressive, high-tech kit. You’ll get technologies like Dynamic Performance Control, which promises to provide greater stability and control, and just enhance the all-round experience of driving. There are goodies inside, too. Helping you with the task parking this sizeable Beemer is a reversing camera, as well as Park Distance Control. Then there’s the Hi-Fi system, 6-DVD changer and a Professional Navigation system.

So, BMW’s Sports Activity Coupe is a bastion of opulence, quality and that premium image typical of vehicles from the German automaker. The X6 seems to be a choice for a high-roller, those who’d like to display their success to their fellow road users. And why not: as the saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.


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