Celebrating women who are dedicated in sports


ALL ACROSS South Africa the celebration of women has gone from only one day but the whole month, that has given plea that women should be celebrated every single day. However this moth August we celebrate women from all walks of life. Women in businesses, mothers, women in politics, women engineering talk of women whom have dedicated their lives from being the roots of all careers (teachers). But out of all the mentioned Sports Focus celebrates women in sports, women whom have touched base focusing on sports stories.

By women in sports we box all what comes wrapped in it. We say for all women whom are sports writers like Ntombi Moleme, Linda Moreotsene; presenters like Carol Manana, Connie Matjipa, Mpho Maboyi and the likes of Kass Naido who is a cricket commentator. We celebrate them. As the take into passion that all is channeled, aired and read to South African sports enthusiast. And by that Sports Focus acknowledges their presence.

In this box of women in sports we accommodate women who ensure that sports partakes in women’s live, to also guarantee that the forces of equity are kept burning. Take to example Mbali Zantsi better known as Don Queen, she is one of the catalyst of women’s boxing as she is yet to host a tournament tailor made for women to be stage at Park Civic Hall of Kempton on August 27. Elevation to that we also keep to mind, Fran Hilton Smith who couples as FIFA instructor and SAFA women’s national teams manager. Then again U-20 Rugby team manager Nomsebenzi Tsotsobe, her work amongst more others in the same league of play is highly appreciated celebrated and honored.

Furthest to top up the ranking of women in sports, Sports Focus is proud of Banyana Banyana striker, Noko Matlou who became the first player from the Southern Africa to win CAF award two years ago- and the current nominee for the South African sports awards under the football category. Should she win the acclaim will add on her achievement of the CAF Footballer of the year.

With all these women laying footsteps, in their honors and acclaims South Africans are yet to see women participating in their own cricket tournament, just to list a few evolutions their inspiration may lead to.

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