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 David will conquer ‘Goliath’




David Kleynhans the cyclist is poised on taking the world by storm in the form of defying age and giving back to the elderly who are destitute, and according to him it’s all about passion without asking for nothing in return.


Heavily exhausted and sweating as a result of his cycling trip from Vaal which he left in the wee hours of the morning to the famous Birchwood Hotel, David who boldly defies the age factor gave us the rendition of who he is, where he comes from and what’s all about this initiative in a very compelling manner.


The F.R.A.I.L (Friendship; Relatives; Acceptance; Involvement and Love) initiative seeks to help the elderly both in his community –Cape Town and Boksburg by donating funds or offering service to the project.


According to David, it was started after realizing that most of the elderly were neglected and disowned by their communities as he traveled and cycled throughout the country.


“I was hurt, sad and felt bitterly out of place by their ordeal hence this initiative. Unfortunately, it does not have bounds because it affects everyone,” he noted tearfully.


Having begun cycling eight years ago, David is an accomplished cyclist who is using his talent to raise both funds and awareness for the elderly. Through his past travels, the latter has witnessed a number of impoverished communities where little or no assistance is offered to the elderly.


This revelation has struck a chord quite close to David’s heart and as a result he has opted to cycle from Cape Town to Johannesburg and back again.


The 38 year-old also disclosed that, despite not having a family of his own, he was vowed to be the beacon of hope to the youngsters who would also like to consider cycling as a living with endless opportunities and international exposure.


“My life resonates around giving back to the community and offering services to the needy in my neighbourhood. For me this fills me up, and whenever I ride past the smiling elders of my community I pray that this could be a continuous gesture.


“My cycling profession has taught me to share, smile and appreciate the little things which people tend to overlook,” says David the ‘Weird White Beard’.   


In any charity event, there should be someone holding your hand and cheering you on, and the involvement of Birchwood Hotel has come in handy.


Apart from hosting International Football Village and partnering with two of South Africa’s top PSL teams in Moroka Swallows FC & Mpumalanga Black Aces FC the hotel has gone beyond the boundaries by hosting David for three nights’s accommodation and offering cash whilst in Johannesburg.


The ‘Weird White Beard’ David impressive cycling profession has seen him partake and work in Bermuda, Mediterranean, and Arabia as a bar-man and chef which also defines why the hospitality establishment got involved in sponsoring him, although Clint Cosgrave, senior manager at the hotel and avid cyclist was the one who first broke the news about the latter’s initiative and how they could offer assistance.  


Ours’ is to offer aid in any form without expecting back in return, says the workaholic Deidre Jonker, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator at Birchwood Hotel.


Deidre, who is also the brains behind the concept, outlines their involvement as a calling because the company’s policy is to help where ever possible.


“For us it’s about doing the right thing at the right time. David’s initiative will result in him becoming more popular in what he stands for, and we believe with our assistance he will reach his dream of helping the elderly out of the plight they’re enduring.


We hope this will grow and others will take leaf from the man’s gesture,” pointed out Jonker who enjoys traveling.


David will exhibit at this weeks 94.7 expo as well as part-take in the 94.7 cycle challenge

-having competed twice- alongside cycling legend & Olympic Bronze Medallist Kilpatrick in the Pink Drive’s colours in honour of breast cancer awareness.


Immediately after the race, he will depart Johannesburg and begin the second leg of his strenuous tour back to Cape Town arriving on November 25.  


“For me this will be like David outsmarting Goliath,” David told Sports Focus Online.


If you feel frail and flabby, ask how David does it.


His past achievement includes:


2004 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 3 Tours in one Day.

2004 Cape Town to Louis Trichardt and back over two weeks.

2004 C.T. to Durban, Bloem, JHB and back to C.T.  5 Tours over 5 weeks.

2005 Cape Town to East London and back over ten days.

2005 Cape Town to Knysna and back over four days.

2006 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 2 Tours in one day.

2007 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 2 Tours in one day.

2009 Johannnesburg to Cape Town in 3 days.

2009 Cape Town to Knysna in 24 Hours.

2009 Western Cape, Golden Games.

2010 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 2 Tours in one Day.



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