Chilemba-Oosthuizen re-match canned


Golden Gloves promoter Rodney Berman has announced that the much anticipated re-match between IBO super middleweight champion Isaac Chilemba and Tommy Oosthuizen will no longer take place. This announcement was made at Emperors Palace on Monday, November 15.

The re-match was planned prior to the November 6 clash between the two boxers which ended in a draw, with Chilemba retaining his title and Oosthuizen claiming he had been overlooked and that he deserved the title.

One can say that the two boxers’ rivalry tbegan when Oosthuizen was scheduled to compete for the IBO crown four months ago, unfortunately he was involved in a motor accident. Chilemba was then placed as a replacement and went out to claim the title. Ever since then, there has been bad blood between them and it is believed that their rivalry is what makes their matches more interesting.

Berman said: “After their bruising, drawn fight, it seems the rivalry between Chilemba and Oosthuizen has become bigger than their careers in a wider sense and is side-tracking them from moving forward”.  The Golden Gloves promoter also commented on their former fight, saying that there was a huge division of opinion on what the outcome should have been.

 “Both Chilemba and Oosthuizen have a big future ahead of them in boxing, and initially it seemed a good idea to match them up and see who was more accomplished of the two but after their draw match, we decided to let them progress in different directions with the hope that they will both do great and maybe we might have a reason for them to have a re-match”, he added.

Champion, Chilemba will defend his title in the United States on March 18 while his rival Oosthuizen will be in action at a local promotion at Emperors Palace a week later.


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