Comrades 2011 will have another surprise winner that run the race as a first timer.


Jonas Buud, the Swiss runner from the Nedbank Running Club International
team could surprise and win the Comrades marathon next Sunday.

“He has got all the credentials to win this hilly race. He won the murderous
Swiss Alpine mountain race not less than 4 times and could follow in the
footsteps of Charlie Doll, 1993 Comrades winner. I raced against Charlie in
the Alps and he also won the Swiss Alpine race before he conquered the
Comrades. To add to his tally of successes is that he is the 2010 100
kilometer European Champion and second in the world 100 kilometer
Championships.What I really like about him is the fact that he is strong,and
that is what you need to be a fast uphill runner”


Name: Jonas

Surname: Buud  
Country: Sweden
Birthdate: 1974, March 28
Club: Nedbank Running Club   

Personal Best Performances:

European champion at 100 km
2nd in World championships at 100 km

Four times winner of the Swiss Alpine Marathon 78K (2007-2010)
World seasonal best on 6 hours of running 89 334-meter
World seasonal best of 100 miles 12:32:04


Stockholm Marathon, 4th, time: 2:24:37

Torhout 100km, time: 6:41:50

Swiss apline marathon 1st, time: 6:03:02
Stockholm marathon 25th, time: 2:41:05

Paris Marathon 35th, time: 02:25:36


New York Marathon 24th, time: 2:23:55
Säfsbanan marathon 1st, time: 2:42:38
Stockholm marathon 12th, time: 2:29:46
London Marathon 34th, time: 2:22:28

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