Cool and comfortable Civic



YOU already know the deal when it comes to cars from Honda. They are popular and favoured for good reason.

Few people go wrong buying into the automaker and the virtues of reliability, safety, comfort and ease of use definitely keeps buyers coming back for more.

The Honda customer is indeed a loyal one. Shopping around in the family-sized sedan segment, there is a seemingly endless number of options to pick and choose from.

You could get the Toyota Corolla, a car which is an icon in our country. The Volkswagen Jetta offers a more upmarket spin to things and this is reflected in its price. Then there are alternatives like the Nissan Tiida, a car which has been on the shelf for a long time.

And of course, the Civic Sedan from Honda goes for its share of the market. We approve of this effort – this saloon is one that gets high praise from Sports Focus. Firstly, the styling of the car is a particularly sweet point.

It has an exciting and sporty shape,  it is not radical for the sake of being different. The Civic is one of those subtle yet attractive cars. If you want to look smart – without standing out too much on our roads – this is for you.

And then there is the way it drives. It is just so difficult to fault in the calm, cool and comfortable way it shuttles its passengers around. You settle into the driver’s seat and you immediately feel at home. Getting home, in traffic, after a tiring day at the office is certainly made much easier in this car with its serene and quiet interior.

We tested the 1.8-litre derivative with an automatic transmission and we were pleasantly surprised. One usually expects a more sedate performance character, from a family-sized sedan with an average engine capacity and an automatic gearbox.

But the Civic Sedan quickly disproved this idea. When you put your right foot down, it goes as you would expect it to and there is no hesitation. This gearbox shifts cogs with a pleasing responsiveness.

We also like the neat and tidy layout of controls. Everything is in easy reach of the driver, there are also steering wheel controls and one is never distracted – or intimidated – by an abundance of buttons. Quite simply, Honda has offered everything you would need.

A large boot and roomy back quarters make the Civic an ideal choice if you have children. There is also a special “Eco” driving mode, which is designed to save you more money at the petrol pumps.

For the entry-level 1.6 Comfort model, you will pay R213 400. The 1.8 Comfort automatic version we drove in this reviews costs R245 700 new. The top of the range 1.8 Executive will cost you R287 300.

In this segment, the Civic Sedan is undoubtedly something to explore: it ticks all the boxes and offers a wonderful, calming experience that you are guaranteed to love. 


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