Observation can help promote and protect the civil and political right of participants in elections, Writes a multi-award winner KGABO LEGODI

Municipal Elections are underway, 18th and 19th September weekend is a registration weekend for citizens to register to vote. We are all looking for a better change, Our country’s wellbeing and its development depends on me and observing elections is more than just experiencing the YOUTH, GRANDPARENTS AND OUR PARENTS exercising their constitutional rights .Elections observer is a valuable tool for improving the quality of elections, observers help oversee and assist the public bravery and confidence in the honesty of electoral processes. Observing elections should be something that excite especially young people, not because there is a buying power (Involved), there is so much wisdom and unspeakable knowledge involved and as young people we should grab such opportunities with both hands and maximise them. The 2019 national elections came about organically, very raw and I got an experience to observe , it was an experience of a life time- granted by the largest youth network in Mzansi , the Activate Change Drivers network.

As observers when we are consciously aware that it’s all about free and fair elections, there is no doubt that results to be produced will remain positive reports and continue to build genuine  and legitimacy of the governments that emerge from elections. There is so much that we as the youth take home from observing the elections such as professional responsibilities:

 Professional responsibilities such as

. Not interfering with Election processes

. Fairly giving weight to positive actions as well as regulations (When reporting)

. As Observers we adhere to our organisations rules for media contacts, its reporting requirements and information sharing / dissemination strategy

. Observers are to act in a strictly neutral manner, in accordance with the laws, regulations and election code of the country (strictly FREE AND FAIR elections)

. Information disclosed must be accurate (By all means necessary), sustainable and not based on isolated circumstances (Conclusions should be disclosed prematurely)

2019 NATIONAL ELECTIONS OBSERVER, Kgabo Legodi says “Initially, observers may be in situations where assistance with elections operations is either requested by elections managers, or it becomes obvious to observers elections officials are unable to implement some required actions. When observing under the Network, the pressure that usually become operational  is not necessarily felt, because we get proper online training and we get to ask meaningful questions before hand which makes the work much easier. I stand proud as a previous observer and I made a vow to myself that given an opportunity I would observe over and over again”.


Kgabo Legodi is a 2018 activator from the largest Youth network in Mzansi Country director at Global Entrepreneurship bootcamp 2021 Sunday World Unsang Heroes Award winner Sinelizwi (Food for Mzansi) Citizen Journalism Top performer in Limpopo 2021 Token of love recipient from Massachusetts institute of Technology and Global Entrepreneurship bootcamp YALI Alumni University of Limpopo Alumni Citizen Journalist, Freelancer and Author

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