Engen Refuels Santos' Football Future

Engen, who has sponsored Santos Football Club for the past seven years,
announced in a statement today that it is re-committing its support for
a further three years.

Group Sponsorship Manager of Engen, Brad Bergh summed up the good news:
“Engen has chosen to extend its relationship with Santos Football Club
as it epitomizes the sense of community and caring that Engen also
employs in its everyday life. Together we are able to develop more than
just the sport, because we share common goals of community enrichment
and we both have an eye to the future of football in this country – one
where we will all be winners. Engen’s sponsorship and contribution to
the Santos club will see some exciting new programmes ahead and we all
look forward to seeing the results.”

Looking as if they will finish a respectable eighth on the PSL log for
this season, Engen Santos has enjoyed a mixed bag of successes and
learning experiences over the past year. Consistently, however, the
team has grown its supporter base and with the recent launch of its own
Fan Mile Walk, has cemented its position as number one in the hearts of
the people, making it indeed “the People’s Team”.

A stimulating year ahead awaits team players and supporters alike as
Engen Santos embarks on a training programme with the Sports Science
Institute of South Africa (SSISA). This high performance programme has
been especially compiled for Engen Santos. It sees a holistic approach
to training, encompassing specific sport exercise programmes, individual
and team psychological assistance, body and mind conditioning as well as
continuous monitoring of the players themselves and the team as a whole,
in order to optimize performance.

Chairman of Engen Santos FC, Goolam Allie says: “The second half of the
2010/2011 season saw some of our top players experience a number of
injuries; some of which may have been avoided with specialist training.
We value our players and our future in football, so we have teamed up
with SSISA which is at the forefront of scientific sports training in
South Africa” The SSISA programme for Engen Santos is geared towards the
next level in football for this Cape based club and aims to return it to
its winning ways. Existing players and the Engen Youth Academy will both
benefit from this investment.

Talking about youth in football, Engen, for the seventh year running,
will continue with its sponsorship of the Engen Knock Out Challenge
aimed at Under 17 youth (male and female). The Engen Knock Out
Challenge is an integral part of Engen’s support of football, and
provides the platform for development of the game for those who wouldn’t
traditionally have an opportunity to showcase their skills.

The Engen Knock Out Challenge remains one of the biggest and most
influential youth tournaments on the football calendar, creating many
opportunities for scouts to spot potential talent. Players such as
Tasleem Paulse (Engen Santos), Zairon van Beulen (Engen Santos),
Masibusane Zongo (Supersport United) and Shakes Sondlana (Kaizer Chiefs)
have all appeared on the Engen Knock Out Challenge stage.

The 2011 Series launches on 24 June at Grey’s College in Bloemfontein
and will play out across five regions ending in Cape Town on 31 July

Bergh concluded by saying “Engen would like to take this opportunity to
thank the Santos community for its support of the People’s Team so far
and looks forward to growing and sharing many more positive experiences
and successes ahead over the next three years”.

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