FEDHASA launches new responsible tourism magazine

IMVELO magazine is a brand new quarterly publication designed to focus on sustainability and other issues within the hospitality and tourism industry, which has been launched by FEDHASA, the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa, as its official mouthpiece.

Eddy Khosa, Chairman of FEDHASA, is extremely proud of the association’s new magazine as a high-value and relevant communication tool for all stakeholders within hospitality. “Our first issue of Imvelo magazine is 52 pages of great reading for anyone in the hospitality and tourism industry, and will enlighten, inform and inspire role players to continue the drive towards more responsible tourism at every level of the industry.”

The first edition is now available in print from FEDHASA and online on the FEDHASA website and is jam-packed with insights and information primarily on the inaugural Lilizela Imvelo Awards for Responsible Tourism, held in September 2013. It highlights what some of the winners are contributing towards ensuring sustainability, covering a wide range of the many economic, environmental and social improvement ventures that have been put in place,

and will hopefully encourage other establishments within the industry to get involved.

Also featured is a hard-hitting interview with Khosa, who calls on the industry to look to the domestic market for growth and future sustainability. “We have gained an understanding from studies conducted by SA Tourism that just over 50% of people who ought to be travelling aren’t.

Pricing, whether real or perceived, is one of the biggest hindrances and the industry needs to look at how to package domestic travel differently and how to make it easy for the average person to travel and to believe they can take a short holiday in South Africa with their family.”

According to the publisher, Jason Whitehouse, sustainability is not an option any longer in any industry, least of all in hospitality and tourism. “It is an absolute must if we want our resources to be available to future generations. There is so much we can do to help.”


The magazine is published as a joint venture between FEDHASA and specialist hospitality industry publishing company, Shout Factory, and will be published at the start of each new quarter.

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