Five Positive Heroes to take City to City Marathon by storm



Against all odds, the South African Positive Hoers affirm to their participation in the 50km City2City Bonitas marathon this Sunday.

Five positive heroes will take a stand in the rigorous race not only to satisfy personal victory but also to encourage people to dispel the negative stigma that surrounds HIV pandemic during their marathon.

Positive Heroes Executive Director, Sue Wildsh explained to Sports Focus that the Five positive heroes, are about telling a story to help people realise that there is still a life to live despite living with HIV. And Sports is one of the best way to channel these stories.

“Marathons tests you as an individual, whether you patient enough, courageous and committed. Thus endurance is one of the mandates needed for an athlete. And only heroes can take to such challenges.” Expressed Sue.

With regard to heroism, it demands hard work and a fighting spirit along the marathon journey. The positive heroes train themselves, put up hours and are their best critics prior any races.

One of the Positive Heroes Babra, has been doing marathons for years now and living with HIV for years now, but has never stopped living a positive and healthy lifestyle. She said that she takes this opportunity as a stage to lead by example, to tell a heroin story.

“I want to finish this marathon and get a medal, life is too short to ponder around the negative stigma that surrounds HIV.” Said Babra.

While on the other side, Masibulele Gqabo, who hails all the way from Eastern Cape believes that every day is a challenge of its own and different obstacles. For him living with HIV has been a journey pretty much like countless marathons’ he has been participating in since 1999.

For his preparation prior the race, he told sports Focus that he is confident and well prepared to go through this race and hope to come out with a Silver Medal.



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