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FACEBOOK and Twitter were abuzz with smart, funny and cruel comments on the situation Blackberry users were facing recently.

Us folks who use the alternatives, like Android, or models from other mobile phone manufacturers, were glad when we could still communicate happily, while our Blackberry-using counterparts had to frustratingly find other means.

Although a Blackberry often seems like a must-have – especially for the virtue of BBM – I for one was glad to be an Android user, an operating system I had pledged my allegiance to some time ago, when I sampled the LG Optimus One smart phone.

The newer, improved Optimus has arrived – say hello to the LG Optimus Black.  Its stylish looks will complement the user’s palm, boasting a sleek design, a slim physique – with a 9.2mm body, as well as 4-inch display.

They’re touting it as a piece of equipment compatible with our ever-sunny South African conditions: the Optimus Black features NOVA display, which simply means whatever you look at on its screen will be of a sublime quality, and will make reading and seeing easier – whether outdoor indoor. The NOVA display promises to reduce power consumption by 50% during indoor use, when compared to conventional LCDs.

“For smartphone users who appreciate both style and substance, the LG Optimus Black offers beauty, performance and mobility in one smart package,” Michael Bang, General Marketing Manager for LG Electronics South Africa was quoted as saying in the press release.

“We are sure that the LG Optimus Black will prove to be a popular phone with all South Africans offering not only a sleek and sexy design, but a range of useful features and a superior NOVA display.”

The Optimus Black makes use of Android 2.2. I’m particularly sold by the fact that you have access to a vast array of applications – both free and paid-for – as a result of the Optimus’ Google function, promising to bring it all to your fingertips.

For video calling, the Optimus comes equipped with a 2 Megapixel camera at the front – it’s placed discreetly, akin to one of those integrated webcams you find on some laptops. For the rest of your photographic requirements is a 5 megapixel camera on the LG’s back.

Lately, especially when using my phone’s music player, connected to the car’s auxilliary port, I’ve been wishing for some way to change the track without having to pick-up my phone and press the “next” button. The Optimus Black has a “Gyro-sensor”, meaning to answer calls or change tracks on the music player, shake, or tap the phone.

Finally, to store all your music, videos and other multi-media, Optimus Black boasts 2 Gigabyte internal memory, as well as accommodation for a Micro SD card with a capacity up to 32 gigabytes – that’s pretty sizeable.

The recommended retail price of the sleek Optimus Black is R4499.

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