Hansie Cronje' sister named KFC Mini Cricket Coach of the Month


HESTER Parsons, sister of the late Hansie Cronje, and wife of Highveld Lions bowling coach Gordon Parsons, has been named the KFC Mini-Cricket Coach of the Month for September.

The award was made in recognition of her hard work and dedication towards the programme.

For the past nine years, Parsons has been coaching youngsters in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda region of Potchefstroom. She sees her role as developing a love for cricket in the youngsters in the area as well as teaching them cricket skills.

 “Our teams take part in our area’s league matches and I also organise extra matches and a

festival at our school each year,” she said.

Parsons is a teacher who became involved in KFC Mini-Cricket through her school and North West Cricket Union. She attended coaching courses at the union and has been involved ever since. She currently holds a Cricket South Africa level 2 coaching qualification.

One of the programme officers in Parsons’ area, Ms Hafferjee, a teacher at Potchefstroom Secondary School, has been a great influence in her life and she credits her for much of her success.

“She has been very supportive and I hope one day to see her as the KFC Mini-Cricket administrator of the year,” said Parsons.

Parsons further thanked Tommy Phiri from NW cricket. “Ever since Mr Phiri has been involved with this programme we have attended many well-organised seminars and coaching events at Sewes Park.”

Parsons has nurtured many players during her nine years of involvement with the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, two of whom are now in the SA under-17 squad. “Many of the young cricketers currently representing the province at school level in the various age groups came through the KFC Mini-Cricket programme at our school,” she says.

There are now over 100 000 kids getting active by getting into KFC Mini-Cricket.

The over 7 000 volunteer coaches in the programme, who generously give their time

and skills, will ensure that the kids from the 4 500 schools will be coached more

frequently while also improving the standard of cricket. 

KFC will also be embarking on a search for KFC Mini-Cricket ambassadors to encourage

other kids to get active on the cricket field.  An area will be set up at all 16 KFC Mini-Cricket festivals, giving all kids in the programme a chance to audition.


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