John Comitis – Honorary Life Chairman at Ajax Cape Town


JOHN Comitis was yesterday appointed the Honorary Life Chairman

of Ajax Cape Town.

This was confirmed by Rik van den Boog, the outgoing CEO of AFC Ajax

NV, a 51% shareholder of the club who has since officially retired,

 meaning that the chief executive gets full controlling powers.

Mr Ari Efstathiou, an Executive Director of Ajax Cape Town, however, has confirmed
that the announcement came as a complete surprise. No decisions of this nature have
been contemplated, let alone approved, by either the shareholders or the directors
of Ajax Cape Town. Mr van den Boog actions are unilateral, without authority and are
in conflict with the agreements regulating the governance of Ajax Cape Town, he
said. Appointments of this nature have never been considered by Ajax Cape Town,
including at a meeting of directors held as recently as Friday May 20.

 Efstathiou stated that, if necessary, urgent steps will be taken to correct this
regrettable situation.

Mr Efstathiou, who is also the chairman of the board of directors of Cape Town Stars
(Pty) Ltd, the 49% shareholder of Ajax Cape Town, has, on the contrary, confirmed
that legal proceedings relating to the removal of Mr John Comitis as a director of
Ajax Cape Town have been instituted by Cape Town Stars.

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