Leading hotel chain hosts underprivileged kids


Close to 20 orphans where part of this world initiative which seeks to fight against World Hunger, and improve children’s lives in every aspect. This is an annual charity event that The Atrium Restaurant hosts for World Food Day.
“We are part of a community, a society, a nation, and we cannot operate in isolation.  We need to ensure that each of us, individually and collectively, contribute to our betterment,” explains Josiah Montsho General Manager at Intercontinental Hotel.
Villa of Hope is a charity in Eldorado Park, that the InterContinental Johannesburg-Sandton Towers has selected as its partner this year as an acknowledgement of the great work they are doing in providing care and comfort to children who have been orphaned or require alternative care due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment, as well as children who have been affected or infected by HIV & AIDS or other ill circumstances.
Every year the hotel identifies needy organization to celebrate this important day, in an effort to learn and share their experiences with hotel staff.
The InterContinental Johannesburg Sandton Towers has committed itself to doing more than putting a smile on the faces of the children.

Villa of Hope is putting together a wish list that the Towers, as well as celebrity guests will work towards fulfilling.  

Miss SA Teen 2nd Princess Meeshka Joseph, said been in the company of these kids was tear-jerking in the sense that, they for them life is a journey and have to live with what has happened to them.

“As a Miss Teen 2nd Princess, my duty is to become a beacon of hope to them, and an inspiration. I’ve done so, and will continue doing that.

For me, I’m like a servant of God to these kids and others I have met. Nothing beats a smile and laugh and these kids are testament to that,” said Joseph’s who also said she was enjoying the attention as a result of being Miss SA Teen 2nd Princess. 

The hotel is committed to establish a long-term relationship that will manifest in different forms for the good of those that Villa of Hope assist.
The intention is to draw attention by creating awareness around and to contribute to alleviating the dire situation facing so many of our fellow citizens, especially children.  In addition, it is a call-to-action to all of us to recognise that we all have the power and the means to truly make a difference, noted the bespectacled Montsho.
Montsho even joked that he hopes to see some of them becoming respected members within the Intercontinental Towers Hotel chains in future.

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