Majavu dumps PSL


THE chairman of Premier Soccer League, Irvin Khoza has admitted that Zola Majavu has left a gap at the organization.

Khoza was speaking yesterday after confirming the resignation of Majavu from his position as PSL’s chief executive officer which he described as an amicably parting ways.

Majavu joined the league in 2002 when he was appointed as the organisation’s prosecutor until in June this year when he took over from Kjetil Siem as the new CEO.

Addressing media in a press conference yesterday, Khoza said Majavu decided to resign after PSL made it clear to him that he does not have the powers to appoint senior executive members such as the COO, CFO and Head of Legal Affairs.

“The executive committee reaffirmed that it must adhere to both its policies and the schedule of delegated authority which grant its powers to appoint senior management including the COO, CFO and Head of Legal. Mr Majavu held the view that he could not accept this and on that basis, we as the league and himself (Majavu) agreed to part ways amicably due to these fundamental differences,” pointed out Khoza who admitted that Majavu will be missed

Khoza however said they might still need the services of Majavu as he is among their pool of legal team.

Majavu said he cannot comment on this issue, and has since decided to focus on other things in terms of his services.

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