Mapungubwe Arts Music Festival lives up to its expectations


LIMPOPO has witnessed yet another resounding and successful event in the form of Mapungubwe Arts Music Festival.

The festival which was organised by the province’s department of Sports, arts and culture  which also was celebrating its 9th year of existence was initially scheduled for December 17-22, but was postponed to March 17-22 after the passing away of the country’s icon and former state president, Dr Nelson Mandela in that month.

The department spokes person, Mabakane Mangena said the festival which was held over two days with the first one on March 22 as the Gospel event and second one as the Jazz festival (March 23) was a resounding success as it has managed to bring the province together.

“We had people coming from the province and outside the province such as Gauteng, Mpumalanga and our neighbouring states. Apart from that, the festival also provided a platform for local artists to showcase our province’s diversity in terms of languages such as the Northern Sotho, Shangaan and Venda-speaking artists,” said Mangena

This week long activities kick-started on March 17 with a street parade/carnival featuring cultural groups and heritage theatre that saw the province’s icons such as Penny Penny, Combo le Maruapula, Rabson Rambuwana and Paul Rapetsoa entertained audience in a build-up to the main event.  

Among the province’s local artists at the festival such as the Northern Sotho, Shangaan, Venda speaking artists such as Combo le Maruapula, Malo A Botsheba, Candy, Joe Shirimani, General Muzka to mention few in Jazz category while another province’s own, Winnie Mashaba, Rofhiwa and award-winning group, Worship House having done well to keep the audiences on their toes in the Gospel category.  Other Gospel artists who kept the fans on the dancing floor include multi-award winner Rebecca Malope, Debra Fraser, king of Mukhukhu dance Solly Moholo just to mention the few.

The Jazz event was something out of this world with the likes of Selaelo Selota, King of African Kwasakwasa Kanda Bongo Man and Mafikizolo among the top artists making the audience shouting for more.

Limpopo’s premier, Stan Mathabatha assured music lovers to expect even an explosive Mapungubwe Arts Festival come December this year.


“This is your festival and you must support it to the fullest, and we promise that this event will be even more better than this one come December this year,” added Mathabatha.

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