Mchunu or Venter to represent Africa in the World Boxing Cup


Thabiso Mchunu or Daniel Venter stands a good chance of representing Africa in the World Boxing Cup.

Golden Gloves together with Emperors Palace announced that given they make it through to the long anticipated Super 8 Final on November 10.

Both the boxers will fight for the African Boxing Union ABU, Cruiserweight Title at Emperors Palace, which will then later see them represent South Africa and the whole of the African Continent in the WBC. Needless to say whoever wins the title will in any case fly South Africa’s flag.

By far the ABU is one of the biggest boxing federation in Africa, which has produced a number of well renowned athletes with golden experience. Thus given recognition in the WBC, wherein 96 boxers from across the globe will take to the boxing ring to fight for a place in the quarter finals stage, then the semi final stage and lastly the WBC world Championships.

 Ngatane, one of the ABU executives said that, the excitement surrounding the two competitors of the ABU title prior the WBC world cup, is their citizenship in South Africa, so it is like there is nothing to lose at this stage.

“Both the fighters are from our home soil and we believe they are capable of bring the world triumph home.” added Ngatane

Thabiso who’s has been labelled a terrific fighter, fought Venter last year, but believes that that holds no vantage as it is a different fight and Danie will come as a different boxer from last year.

While Venter on the other side, better known as the Cinderella Man, started the chase to the Final with a win against Zack Makwasa which set standards very high for his status in the ring, however he said that he respects the fight as well as his opponent Mchunu and hopes to good in the final. 

Meanwhile on the same night the Emperors Palace will also stage titles in the like of IBO Super Middleweight World Title; IBO Junior Bantamweight World Champion as well as the IBO All Africa Heavyweight title.

Tommy Oosthuizen who will compete in the IBO Super Middleweight world title, against Fulgencio Zuniga of Columbia, is at his peak of his recent defeat of New Yoker Rowland Bryant.

Playing on home ground is one of his best hopes that he will do well as his niche fans will support him unlike in the states where loneliness can be rife.

He said that it is great to be home, as there is no place like having a fight at home around the people whom you know they support you. “I can’t wait I know I will be faster and stronger.” he explained.  



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