Palacios hails Pirates fighting spirit

IF THERE is one thing that Augusto Palacios, the stand-in Orlando Pirates coach, can be credited for since taking over the helm, it will be the fighting spirit which has become DNA of the team.

 Last night, they refused to go down gentle against SuperSport United as Lucky Lekgwathi powered a last-minute shot that probably brought Pirates closer to destiny.

“It was a tough game, we dedicate this victory to Bheki, and we promised him that we would win the game for him.”

“The fighting spirit and the character of the players was great. Our plans worked. The first goal is exactly how we had planned to play, with two strikers and one wing and have more players in the midfiled.We played well in the first half and even better after they equalized.”.

“The players kept on believing in themselves and that we can win this game. No matter what time is the goal or what time we score the winner, what is more important is the three points.”

Prior to last night’s game, Pirates had suffered three consecutive draws in their last few games

“We never lost in our past matches, it’s more difficult to motivate players if they have been losing but in our case the more important thing is the fighting spirit of the players and keeping them motivated. I’m very proud of my players; we fight till the last minute, any coach would be happy to have a team like this.

“We created a lot of chances in our previous games but never scored. Today we scored earlier. Our focus is to continue to practice on our finishing, the mentality of winning. We score the ‘earlier goal’or the ‘last goal’, we still get three points at the end of the day.”

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