Powerade launches Sports Academy


POWERADE, the Official Sports Drink of the London 2012 Olympic Games, is offering athletes from around the world the unique opportunity to train with professional athletes and coaches at the Powerade Sports Academy during London 2012. Six South Africans will attend this once in a lifetime experience after entering the Powerade Train Like an Olympian competitions that have been running over the past couple of months.

As part of the Powerade “Train Like an Olympian” campaign for London 2012, the amateur athletes who live and breathe sports every day will attend the week long Academy. Specialist coaches and athletes including Olympic Athlete and former World Champion Mechelle Lewis Freeman (US), NBA basketball star John Amaechi (GB) and Great Britain’s head Olympic swimming coach Ben Titley (GB) will tailor sessions to strengthen and condition participants to become better all-round athletes.

The Powerade Sports Academy will focus on teaching skills in five different Olympic sports – athletics, swimming, football, cycling and basketball – and will include a program of inspirational lectures and tips on training and hydration, as well as meals designed specifically for the Academy by leading nutritionist Beatriz Boullosa.

Rockefeller Phillips from KZN (44) could not believe his luck when he was told he had won.  “I was driving at the time and had to control myself to prevent an accident.  What a lifetime opportunity this is.  I will be participating in as many activities as possible for as many sporting codes as possible and I plan to come back and go into the townships and rural areas to teach the kids what I learnt.”

John Knapton (66,) who is retired and living in Vereeniging, will be looking at the experience in a different way. “Firstly, my son is extremely envious of me and believes he should be the one to go as he is so much younger.  What I want to gain from the experience is to have fun and meet as many people from different parts of the world as possible. I played interprovincial soccer and Varsity hockey in my day so am curious to see how athletes now days prepare, not just for the Olympics, but for any event.”

John Amaechi comments, “The Powerade Sports Academy is designed to give people who are passionate about sport a taste of life as a world class athlete. Coaches step in at that moment when athletes hit the wall and think they can’t go on. You could say that Powerade provides a similar type of motivation – helping to push athletes from breaking point to breaking through. I’m looking forward to meeting the participants and coaching them to be the best they can be at the Academy this summer.”

Powerade on the field of play and at the Olympic Athletes’ Village

As Official Sports Drink of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Powerade will be front and center at London 2012, hydrating more than 10,000 athletes across 26 sports on the field of play both in training and game venues. In addition to providing product on the field of play, the ‘Powerade Hydration Center’ inside the Globe at the Olympic Athletes’ Village will allow athletes to customize their own Powerade Sports Bottles, order the Powerade PRO Sports Hydration powder and get hydration tips to help them perform.


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