PSL and NFD finally sleep under one blancket and the league kicks off next Friday

AFTER an exhaustive meeting of the PSL Executive Committee with the NFD held yesterday, the NFD accepted that the resolutions they had earlier opposed as not a true reflection of what was agreed in the Board of Governors meeting held on August 30 are actually accurate.

It was then agreed that play will commence on Friday, October 5.

At the same meeting the Executive Committee of the PSL acceded to the request by the NFD that the budget be re-allocated. The NFD clubs will therefore following this resolution handle their own travel, accommodation and meals.

The Executive Committee also agreed to pay 50% of the ex-gratia payment in January 2013.

The charges for not playing and which matches are played when the NFD commence on October 5 will be handled by the prosecutor.

The six member Ad Hoc Committee set up at the Board of Governors’ meeting of August 30 will deliberate on the model of the ‘stand alone’ and report back.

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