PSL and SAFPU in a mutual agreement


IRVIN Khoza today announced the signing of an agreement between the South African Football Players Union and the PSL.

 Khoza described this a moment in history for South African Football as it has long been awaited and how better to have announced this union agreement on human rights month.

“It has been a long time coming, a time to reflect on the concurrence of the South African Football Players Union. This agreement reached by the PSL and SAPFU, is a progressive element in the South African Football. We have reached the first goal of making it happen now it’s only the end of the beginning,” said Khoza.

 Hareaipha “Simba” Marumo of the South African Football Union added that a milestone has been reached but more comes to play after today. “The strength is in unity” he quoted the proverb.

The newly announced union of players is said to stand for the rights of the football players, represent them and manage the way thing are dealt with in the Football industry in terms of administration and also negotiate on behalf of the football players.

Achieving the total wellbeing of players stands chief in the aims of the South African Football Players Union, as it will also see to it that players after r retirement are well taken care of if they are signed with the Union. It will also bring to revival the plight of heroes.

Little confusion stands alight as to whether SAFPU will also represent players whom are not part of the union or not.

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