Revive your taste buds with Chef Song's Peking Duck at the OR Tambo Southern Sun


IT was mouth-watering and very delicious.

This simply statement above best describes Chef Song’s Peking Duck which I enjoyed recently at the OR Tambo’ Southern Sun.

Born Chan An Song, the soft spoken Chef who boast of a rich experience in the bigger kitchens, the place known for women seemed to have outdone himself on the day and that his Peking Duck was delicious is just an understatement as it was indeed something out of this world.

“For me preparing this is no longer a puzzle because I have been doing this for ages now,” said the excited Song.

In his cooking, Song specialises in Classic French style of cooking, with influences from both South Asia and Chinese Cuisine.

Song added that: “I have been a chef for quite some times now, and in my career I have worked in a number of countries which includes China and Switzerland ,” he said 

Chef Song’s Pekinng Duck



·         1 x whole duck (around 2.5kg)

·         60g Maltose sugar syrup

·         20ml Spirit vinegar

·         500ml Boiling water (to dilute maltose syrup and spirit vinegar for coating the raw duck)

·         60g Spring onion (mainly white stemmed)

·         150g Hoisin sauce

·         1 x clove fresh garlic (finely chopped)

·         8g Chopped ginger

·         10ml Shao Xing rice wine

·         10ml Sesame oil

·         20 pieces x pancakes

·         60ml Sunflower oil

Cooking Method:

1.      Wash and clean the whole duck well, and hang on a hook for 10 minutes (to dry)

2.      Add the hot water, maltose sugar and spirit vinegar in a small pot, and bring to the boil until syrup is well dissolved.

3.      Move the pot to one side, ready to coat raw duck after step next step.

4.      Add 2lt hot water in a medium pot on the stove and bring water to the boil.

5.      Hold the duck on the hook with one hand above the boiling water, and use other hand to ladle the hot water over the duck.

6.      Cover the duck with boiling water thoroughly, and repeat six times until duck skin is smooth.

7.      Now prepare to coat the duck with the small pot of vinegar and sugar mixture. Repeat 3 times and hang the duck at a cool and dry place for no less than 12 hours.

8.      Finally roast the duck in an oven at moderate temperature (170 C) for roughly 35minutes until duck is golden brown.

9.      Prepare the dipping sauce and pancakes whilst the duck is roasting. Sauté the ginger and garlic in a medium hot pan until you can smell the aroma.

10.  Add the hoisin sauce, rice wine, sesame oil and half a cup of water to dilute the mixture and bring to the boil. Remove pan from heat and wait for it to cool down before serving.

11.  For the pancakes, Pour 250g cake flour in a mixing bowl. Pour in one cup of hot water (80C’up), slowly into the flour slowly, and mix continuously with chopsticks to create a lumpy texture. Bring the mixture onto a flat surface and knead the dough smoothly into a big ball, and then divide into 20 balls. Roll each of them into a small pancake shaped sheets. Cook them in a steamer or medium hot omelet pan (if a steamer is used, add each pan cake on top of the other after two minute intervals, and brush some oil on each pancake as you place them in order for them not to stick)


12.  To guarantee the duck skin is crispy, shower the roasted duck with 180C’ hot oil for 8 times (same method as showering duck with water as in step 3).

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