SA referees to fly the country's flag on African continent

The South African Football Association (SAFA) referees will once again fly the country’s flag high at a major cup final on the Continent.    Jerome Damon, Andrew Rezeers, Enock Molefe and Daniel Volgraaf have been appointed by CAF to officiate the second leg of the Confederations Cup Final between FUS (Morocco) and CSS (Tunisia), to be played at the Taieb Mhiri Stadium in Tunisia.

This appointment follows a CAF assignment for Daniel Bennett and his team at the second leg of the Champions League final which they handled with outmost diligence. SAFA’s Professional Referees Co-ordinator   Adeel Carelse says the appointments are a first of a kind in that never before has one country been afforded the privilege of such prestigious appointments.   

“If one take into consideration the sterling performances by our referees at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals, and the recently completed high level CAF 2012 AFCON Qualifiers, one can truly say that it has been a remarkable year for the SAFA’s Referees Department;” said Carelse.

“At this present moment, all the Match Commissioners of the National Panel of Match Commissioners are being subjected to a high level Match Assessors Course conducted.  While training and development of referees remains a priority, the development of trainers and match assessors are equally important in order to enhance the skills of referees.   For this reason it has been necessary to invite the FIFA instructors to our country;” concluded Carelse.



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