SA swimming sensation wins

By Thabisile Masimula

DURBAN- BORN SWIMMER Chad Ho proved to be one of the finest swimming sensations in South Africa.

This is after Ho successfully defended his title in the men’s open event on February 13 at his hometown, Durban.

This is not Ho’s first exceptional performance as he once wrote the country’s name on the map when he made history at the 13th FINA World Championships after becoming the first South African to win a medal in the five-kilometer open water swim, taking bronze. 

The 19 years old had to compete against the world’s finest swimmers and amongst them including the British David Davies who is the only swimmer to have medaled in both pool and open water world events.

Durban hosted one of the world’s largest open water swim event with a new claim for the most finishers expected to go to the Guinness Book of Records as around 8000 swimmers had signed up for the event.

Although Ho got off to a slow start, he managed to bypass Cape Town’s Heerden Herman by stepping up his pace and finally went ahead the British Davies and Alfie Howes who gave him a hard time to claim the victory.

“Apart from the slow start I got I was quite satisfied with my performance and achieved what I set out to do and that was to make it two wins in a row,” said Ho.

Ho’s winning time of 18:27 was three seconds faster than his 2010 time with Davies second (18:38) and Howes third (18:47). 


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