SABC and Safa apologise for the non broadcast of the Sierra Leone v Bafana match.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the South African Football Association (SAFA), led by acting GCEO Robin Nicholson and SAFA President, Kirsten Nematandani respectively, convened a meeting today to discuss the failure to broadcast the Bafana Bafana vs Sierra Leone last week Sunday, October 10.

 Both organisations explored the reasons that led to the failure of flighting this match.
Amongst others they have identified the issues of late acquisition of rights and lack of broadcast partners with production capacity, as the main reasons that led to the Public Broadcaster failing to show the game on its TV and radio platforms as promised to our audiences.
As a way forward, the Pubic Broadcaster and SAFA have agreed that:
SAFA and SABC need to work together to ensure that rights are secured in time for games that are outside South Africa.

SABC agreed to structure a relationship with a production entity with broadcast capability to produce matches in the West African Region.

Both parties agreed to strengthen teams that meet on a fortnightly basis from both sides in order to strengthen communication between the two organizations.

There must be a joint pre-inspection team prior to games be it local or outside South Africa.

Prior to the games, there must be an advanced team that will profile the country that the game will be played at.

The audiences will be informed in time as to whether the games will be broadcast or not.

The Executives teams from both parties will meet on a continuous basis to review operations and to monitor the progress on the issues agreed on.
The issue of the resumption of negotiations prior to the end of the current contract was also discussed. Both parties agreed that the two CEO’s must meet to thrash out the time frames for negotiations.
The SABC and SAFA would like to apologise to the South African public; the Sponsors, the advertisers and all the stakeholders affected by the non broadcast of the match.

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