SAFA resumes talks for technical sponsorship


THE South African Football Association (SAFA) is at an advanced stage of concluding an agreement with a technical sponsor. 

SAFA and the prospective technical partner have set up an operational team comprising of members from both sides to finalise the sponsorship launch and specifics of the kit, in particular women gear including soccer boots.

The first operations meeting took place on Friday (11 February 2011) at SAFA House. Samples of the kit were discussed and they will go through an approval process which will be completed in the next four weeks.

The new kit for all the National teams will go into production from March this year (2011), and the process will take about six months to complete.

Acting SAFA CEO Pinky Lehoko says she is happy with the progress to date.

“We have worked extremely hard to secure a technical sponsor that we believe will fully support the Association’s programs. We have now put a structure in place to facilitate the implementation process that will enable us to reach our desired targets on time. We are looking forward to unveil the Association’s technical sponsor in the near future,”said Lehoko.

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