Safa warns parents of some dodgy academies


The South African Football Association (SAFA) is appealing to parents to be cautious when dealing with academies. SAFA is disturbed by reports that parents are registering children with football academies that are not endorsed by the Association, and in the process loosing money and putting the children’s’ lives in danger as such establishments run by dubious people or are non existent.

SAFA President Kirsten Nematandani says the Association will conduct an audit of all football academies in the country, and he has appealed to the parents to be vigilant when choosing football institutions for their children; “there are unscrupulous people taking advantage of the School’s registration period by promising parents successful football careers for their children. We are appealing to parents to deal with academies that are linked to registered football clubs; and those that are endorsed by SAFA”; explained Nematandani.

SAFA’s technical department will conduct a nationwide audit of academies in the next few months. The process will be spearheaded by SAFA’s Technical Director Serame Letsoaka; and it will culminate in the new licensing system for football academies and development centres in the country.

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