SAPS to celebrate Youth Day with eTwatwa youth


THE eTwatwa SAPS Social Crime Prevention will be together with the youth of eTwatwa in commemorating Youth day on the 16 of June.

With the motivation of creating a safer environment amongst community by motivating the youth to partake in various sporting codes, according to Constable Tim Masilela, they hope to reach a number of young people who will include sport as part of their lifestyle.

“Since it is youth month, our focus is finding ways to keep our youth busy and recognising the talent we have to be able to nature it so that in future it can represent the community.”

The past years statistics have revealed that the youth outside Soweto find no meaning of the day and celebrate it by abusing alcohol, clubbing and violence. Masilela said that they hope to change that mindset and commemorate the event by showing to them that they also in a struggle but fighting a different one from the one in 1976.

“They must change that mindset and the only way to do that is to reach out to them with activities that will enrich them and build them.”

The sporting codes include Soccer, Netball , Volleyball (which has not been a popular sport) and Aerobics.

 Date :   June 16 (Youth Day)

Duration :     9am-4pm

Venue :     Apex Mini Sports ground, Etwatwa.

      Chris Hani Drive, Etwatwa

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