Sensational Satio sets up entertainment station in your palm:



Women are always rambling on about what talented multi-taskers they are. But it’s proven that multi-tasking is a myth – nobody has the ability to co-ordinate a hundred functions simultaneously.

That is until you discover the Sony Ericsson Satio.

If you’d like to be efficient at going about many tasks at once while out and about, get yourself one of these.

Here’s what it’s all about: the Satio is a mobile ‘phone much like any other, except, it’s laden with technological wizardry that allows the user to enjoy television, movies, games, music – and a host of other things. Quite simply, it’s all you ever need in one neat 126 gram package.

The people at Sony Ericsson are pretty confident that their baby is great for all occasions.  “With Satio you can enjoy any form of entertainment anytime, anywhere. Whether its music or movies you will never be more than a tap away from your favourite tracks or shows.” says the Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson South Africa, Sonja Shear

Ease of use is guaranteed through a 3.5 inch full touch-screen, with an auto rotate feature that adjusts the screen according to whether you’re holding the handset in a vertical or horizontal position – just like you would find on an Apple iPhone. A world of entertainment is quite literally at your fingertips – all the Satio asks is that you tap its screen.

For those who enjoy documenting their daily activities on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, images taken with the 12.1 megapixel camera can be swiftly uploaded onto online profiles, enabling one to even comment directly on their photos. Improving picture quality and lighting conditions is an integrated Xenon flash. The Satio also boasts touch-focus capability and more interestingly, smile detection.

If you’re not keen on photography, there are many other things to keep you entertained from the PlayNow arena. This is a portal through which one is able to download music, movies and games. Downloads can be made to both PC and handset from PlayNow, giving it more versatility. Music can be selected from global charts, meaning you’ll always be jamming to what’s popular in the music industry. To accomodate all this media, the Satio comes with an 8 Gigabyte memory card.

Sound quality is an important part of the music listening experience – a good song can be ruined by a low grade audio system. The Satio handles this by coming standard with a pair of cool Wireless Stereo Earphones. Known internally as the HBH-IS800, these earphones promise to pump out your music library in ultimate clarity. It’s also the smallest headset on the market, which makes for unencumbered use while on the move – at the gym, or even on a leisurely jog. All play and no work is never a good thing, so when you need to knuckle down and engage in some hard graft, the Satio features a document reader, document editor and a notes application. One can also connect to the internet in Wi-Fi hotspots with this ‘phone.

In terms of aesthetics, the Sony Ericsson Satio has a bulky, wedge-like profile.Garnished in a stylish silver colour, Satio will complement your palm. It certainly looks as if it would be able to handle those drops and bumps inevitable in day-to-day usage. One has a Global Positioning System at their disposal, in addition to Google Maps and navigation that directs turn-by-turn. So you probably won’t take any inadvertent, inconvenient wrong turns again with this device. The Sony Ericsson Satio uses the Symbian operation system, for which there are many downloadable applications.

If you’re looking for a feature-bound mobile phone with capabilities to keep you connected and entertained while on the move, this is worth strong consideration.



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