Small tweaks to your diet often have the biggest impact on weight and health


Describe him as your ‘body-watchdog’ if you may!

The latter an expert fitness and owner of Art of Running enjoys outlining facts and myths on fitness and training which people tend to take for granted.

His recent launch of Art of Running is a breakthrough fat loss program which has received an overwhelming response from the residents of Johannesburg, which according to him is a pilot project with potential to grow to other provinces.

“I realized that the majority of people are in need of direction when it comes to fitness and healthy eating habits which is affordable”, says Khoza, who is the Athletic Performance Specialist.

“I want to help as many people as I possibly can. One-on-one training is too limiting; but with a group program I can help multiple clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals,” says Tshepo whose body structure is firm and intact.

People think running and exercising is simple. Well that’s a myth and its’ not the case. Technique and tactful awareness are important when running or jogging, he says with a firm voice.

What persuaded him to become a ‘fitness fundi’ and where did it all began?

“I grew up in KZN, Ndwendwe were sport was a daily living for the residents of my area. You know what they say, sport and education are the only way out of poverty and look where I am today,” says former Wits Technikon and UJ Sports Management graduate.

“At the age of 9, I used to travel kilometers from home to school, and that on its own triggered a thought that I should become an athlete because I enjoyed running and walking, and my family realized that as well.

At school my competitors knew they stood no chance. Transport to school or any closer events taking place within my area needing transport was a definite no. From that day, I never looked back.”

“Upon arrival in Jozi I continued with my studies, and worked for various sporting companies such as Sportsman Shop Warehouse, Virgin Active to augment income as a lifestyle consultant and personal trainer from 2003/04. Thereafter, I went to pursue what we call Outdoor Gym with Tessa Burrell who taught me the important aspects of being a trainer.”

Currently, the Art of Running Boot Camp is taking place at The James and Ethel Grey Park Wanderers, Johannnesburg, and according to Tshepo boasted that the number has increased alarmingly.

The Boot Camp takes 3 days per week and registered participants will engage in all three components vital to achieving fitness results – flexibility, resistance and cardiovascular training.

A supportive nutrition program will also be incorporated into the program, according to “The Magnificent One”.

Anyone who has started a fitness program with high hopes and good intentions, only to abandon it a few weeks later or feel confused about millions of diet and exercise programs out there, this program is ideal for them.

For Tshepo the sky is unlimited and would like to become one of the respected personal trainers this country has ever produced. Thus far he has worked and re-shaped the fitness level of South Africa’s top runners such as Willie Mtolo, Joshua Tugwana, and Kenyan born and 2009 Two-Ocean marathon winner John Washira.

Football teams and kids are also encouraged to seek my services, emphasized the 31 year old with a glimpse of a smile as he flexed those muscles.  

“The Magnificent One” has not only offered his fitness expertise to Social and Professional runners but now he’s also offering services to local clientele.

For social training he has burnt kilojoules of the likes of celebrated Tsotsi award winner actress Terry Pheto and radio personality Redi Direko, and according to him his mobile has never stopped ringing with personal request flooding in.

The fact that he conducted radio interviews on the Art of Running concept and complementing as a motivational speaker has boosted his morale and client database.

Everyone wants to look their best for Holiday and Summer Festive season. “I guarantee that if participants adhere to the program as outlined, they will lose extra kilojoules, drop body fat and be firm and fit, just in time for festive season,” he says.

Still battling to come to terms with the euphoria around the concept and the growth of the organization, this after having had to seek the services of new administrator, Tshepo is hard at work with various marathon athletes to prepare for their respective obligations such as the Comrades Marathon, City to City, Soweto Marathon and the New York Marathon.

“Patience, virtue, dedication, trust and pain is what got me here. I’m grateful to my family, fiancé Thandy (actress) and clients who stood by me during the planning stages of the concept,” he says.

Notably, his father is the Head of Current Affairs at SABC Khothule Mphatsoe.

He’s also offering his recently authored report, “Art Of Running Boot Camp Fitness Tips: How To Burn Fat Fast And Tighten, Tone And Firm Up Your Body In 12 Weeks Or Less.”

The report is complimentary to all interested in the Art Of Running Boot Camp program or anyone looking to learn more about improving their current fitness levels.

Want to “BUILD A BODY TO ADORE, IN TIME FOR SUMMER 2010” Tshepo is only a call away.

For more information call Tshepo Khoza on 27 76 377 4410 or via e-mail:

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