Statistics shows that Cricket is the most injury risky sport

ACCORDING to the Sports Injury Bulletin, there is reportedly more risk of sport specific injury in cricket despite it being a non-contact sport.

The top 5 common injuries are reportedly hamstring strain, lower back pain, side strain, shoulder pain and sprained ankles. A British Council sports survey has reported that 2.6 injuries occur per 10 000 hours played in cricket and cricket players become even more prone to injury at vital stages in their career. For example, a bowler’s injuries at school level range from 38% to 47.4% and these figures escalate to a whopping 33% to 65.7% at provincial level not to mention national level.

In South Africa, 49% of cricket players injure themselves at some point during the season. This statistic, however, does not affect all South African players. The Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras, who recently won the four-day Sunfoil Series Championships, have reported minimal injury as well as improved recovery since BuchuLife(tm) partnered with them to

provide Buchulife Sparkling Herbal Water, and first aid support in the form of Buchulife First Aid Gel and Joint Health Capsules.

The active ingredient in all these products is Buchu, an indigenous South African herb with potent natural anti-inflammatory properties that has minimised the team’s injuries as well as activated speedy recovery and general well-being.

“We have definitely seen a significant reduction in the occurrence of overuse type injuries leading to a more frequent availability of a squad of healthy players presenting with less injury niggles that hinder performance. We believe this has contributed to our success during the 2013/2014 season,” said Shane Jabaar, Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras’ Physiotherapist.

Prevention is better than a cure, however, once injured the players need to be properly managed to prevent further damage to be caused. Treatment goals aim at pain relief, the promotion of healing, decreased inflammation and a return to the field as soon as possible. Cape Cobras’ Justin Kemp, who is nominated in the Momentum One-Day Cup Cricketer of the Season category for the 2013 Cricket SA Professional Awards scheduled for 4 June, encourages all athletes to use BuchuLife products:

“I was introduced to BuchuLife about a year and half ago and the effect it has had on my personal and professional wellbeing has been profound.

This last cricket season has been one of my most successful of the 18 years I have been a professional cricketer. Statistically we as a franchise won two trophies and fell a metre short of winning three.

On a personal front I was second on the Cricket South Africa “most valuable player list” and I can honestly attribute a big part of me staying on the field and not missing 1 game due to injury to BuchuLife. As a natural anti-inflammatory, Buchulife has no comparison in the market and having a Nutraceuticals product that is as potent as normal drugs is priceless as a sportsman. My only regret is that I was not exposed to this natural product earlier in my career,” says Kemp.

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