The Bunny Is Back!


As is fitting for such a well-known brand, PLAYBOY South Africa has sought to align itself with advertisers, writers and celebrities of the highest calibre.

The first PLAYBOY South Africa cover model encapsulates everything PLAYBOY stands for – fun, intelligence, and above all, iconic. Tracy McGregor, a legend in the South African modelling industry, was an obvious choice for the launch edition of PLAYBOY South Africa.

The leggy blonde is someone who has, over the span of her career, had an arresting effect on the minds of local men – much like the world’s best-selling men’s lifestyle magazine.

“Tracy’s image is a perfect fit for PLAYBOY, not only is she one of the hottest modelling talents in this country, but she exudes everything PLAYBOY celebrates about women,” says editor Peter Piegl.

“We believe Tracy McGregor and PLAYBOY South Africa are a perfect match and are very excited about embracing a fully representative magazine as we welcome models from all backgrounds, race, colour and creed to grace our covers in the future,” Piegl adds.

For the launch issue PLAYBOY South Africa features an interview with the iconic Hugh Hefner – the man who started it all almost 60 years ago. Hefner talks about the future of the magazine, PLABOY Enterprises Inc., his impending nuptials and  how “it’s all coming together” at the age of 83.

“The PLAYBOY experience for readers has always been to offer the highest intellectual, cultural, artistic and relevant content.

“For our launch we have brought in such well-known and respected names as David Bullard, comedian Chris Forrest and Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk. “But it doesn’t stop there, PLAYBOY South Africa editorial strategy allows us to offer bespoke content to the South African reader.

“One of the unique selling points of PLAYBOY, as a brand, is to give each title the freedom to not be prescriptive and offer its readers the full gamut of lifestyle content.  An example of this is our Familiar Feast feature that has crossover appeal for both men and women, showcasing the culinary skills of local chefs as they transform less appealing ingredients into five star cuisine.”

PLAYBOY South Africa has also name its first Playmate – Johannesburg model, Amy Tara Bridger, chosen after registering for the PLAYBOY Casting Calls, held in Cape Town and Johannesburg, to find a local “girl next door” to represent the brand.

Bridger will go on to compete with other Playmates each month for the ultimate title of Playmate Of The Year and stand a chance to visit the legendary PLAYBOY Mansion in California.

“The Playmate is an essential ingredient in the success of PLAYBOY around the globe. This is our chance to show everyone that we have some of the world’s greatest untapped talent.  Having Amy as the first Playmate is the perfect example of this, as she encapsulates an essential mystique that we search for in the ‘girl next door’,” Piegl says.

*PLAYBOY South Africa will be on sale around South Africa with a cover price of R45, as well as the SADEC region for R39,50 (excluding tax and levies)..


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