The funniest Redbull race promises to live Sowetans in stitches, stru!


Internationally acclaimed Red Bull Box Cart race comes to the historical township of Soweto for the very first time.

This is were the world’s auto amateurs, gear heads and adrenaline junkies construct eccentric non-motorized carts to compete head to head in a downhill battle.

 Well, to you it might sound improper but to those familiar with the cart race will tell you that Soweto will never be the same come September 24 2010 not to mention the economical spin-offs anticipated. Yipee!

Giant vuvuzelas, speeding toilets, oversized matchboxes and wire bakkies – the 55 finalists have outdone themselves in response to the 2010 race theme eKasi Chop Shop


Laughter, wheels coming off, unusual designs and unimaginable carts will be doing rounds at Diepkloof Extreme Park Zone 2, Immink Drive from 11am to 2pm. 

 If dust ain’t your thang, better not come at all, cos the bulls’ and its carts will be the order of the day.

Now this is where the cliché that ‘when two bulls meet in the kraal, the grass suffers’ fittingly applies.

Known for being wild, wacky and for the brave this year’s event promises to be no different. Teams will take to the hill to race their way into the Red Bull Box Cart Race history books.

If this sounds like your kinda of a thing come down on the day to cheer on your favourite teams such as Booty Call, Jabulani Mall, Red Racing Bull, Soweto Poison, Team Zooma and so, on.

Not relying on the home side advantage, the 3 Soweto teams have pulled out all the stops to create winning carts.

They include ‘The Vibrant Jabu’ – a man-sized makarapa on wheels, ‘Vuvu-Babe’ – a giant vuvuzela and a racing Wheelie Bin.  The locals are hoping that one of them will eventually come out tops.

No fee is charged however, you only pay R10 per car to the event, and Redbull will be on sale.

Sowetans are encouraged to come in large numbers for fun and exhilaration in an effort to spur on the locals. Finish and klaar!

Per box cart only one person is allowed. No overloading permitted for cryin’ out loud. These are not taxis!

Come and feast your eyes on the unorthodox racing box carts ranging from pizza slices, to washing machines from trains to racing ovens. Ok, before you accuse me of making all this up go and witness the event, thereafter please call and air your thoughts.

Whether Redbull will be ‘giving’ wings to the box carts remains to be seen only in Soweto!

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