The young Meje is aiming to make it big in football



Ten year old Sphamandla Meje is aiming high as he calls himself “Jali Junior”.

The grade 4 pupil aims at making it big and be one of the soccer legends in football like Lucas Radebe and Mark Fish.

He started playing soccer at the age of five in the streets of Soweto just for fun before could join one of the local clubs.

 Nick-named “Little Napoleon”  by his team mates,  the young lad have a brighter future if he can keep the same form he is currently on.

“Andile Jali is one of my role model, but I want to be far much better than him when I turn to a professional player one day.  I will not give up on my dream because other than my school activities, football keeps me going.

 Just like I scream for Jali now, they will be screaming Meje in the years to come.” said the optimistic Meje.


Player Profile

Name: SphemandlaMeje

Age: 10 years

Hometown: Soweto, Protea

Activities: Soccer

Current team: Zafios fc

Favourite team: Orlando Pirates

Favourite player: AndileJali

Favourite food:Konkeukudla (everything)



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