Tracy Mossel to partner with three times Absa Cape Epic finisher Anka


The current Downhill Mountain Bike World Champion Tracy Moseley from the United Kingdom will partner with three times Absa Cape Epic finisher Anka
Martin from the USA to participate in this year’s Magical and Untamed mountain bike race.

The race kicks off in Tokai Forest, Cape Town on March 27 and will finish at Lourensford Wine Estate on 3 April. Riders will be pushed to their physical and mental limits as they tackle the 707km course which includes 14 550m of climbing.

“I’ve heard of the Absa Cape Epic for many years and about two years ago spoke to Anka about the race at an event. As she completed the Epic a couple
of times, she told me that I should also do it as I’m the kind of person that would love the challenge. Up until now I’ve never felt as though I
could really dedicate myself to the training. The event is right before the start of my downhill race season and the training is far from similar.
However, I finally achieved my goal in downhill mountain biking of becoming World Champion last September. At that moment I said to Anka, ‘Let’s do it!
I don’t mind if the early part of my downhill season suffers as I’ve achieved my goal.’ So here we are!” she says.

Moseley believes they make a great team. “I think Anka and I share the same passion for cycling. It has entirely shaped our lives. We also both enjoy
the downhill aspect of a trail much more than the uphill and love a good challenge and adventure, so I think it will be a great journey for both of

Geographical challenges of living far from one another make it impossible for Moseley and Martin to train together. “We’ll be spending a week together
this month taking part in another adventure in the Cape Verde Islands.

That should be a great time to hang out and get used to spending hours in the saddle next to each other.”

After she completed her downhill season, Moseley took a bit of a break and went on holiday in America for most of October. “It still involved lots of
riding, but there was no structure – I was just riding for fun with my boyfriend. After a crazy busy few weeks at home, I started to get into a
decent pattern of training. For me, I’ve always ridden and trained for downhill – the main difference for the Cape Epic has been introducing longer
and longer rides and being able to do hard sessions on back to back days.
I’ve also recently spent a week in Majorca with my road bike staying with the Great Britain team to get in some solid time on the bike – so it’s all
been new and fun so far. Diet wise, I’m just eating healthy food and if possible, I’m trying to lose a couple of kilos before the Epic to make life
a little easier.”

Moseley believes that the most important ingredient to complete the Absa Cape Epic successfully is all in decent preparation. “I also believe you
need to listen to your body during the event. Eating and drinking is going to be the biggest challenge to get right. I also think that having a team
mate that has the same outlook and can keep it fun when the going gets tough will make for an easier race.”

As an active person who loves being outdoors, Moseley spends most of her free time riding bikes in some way. Her other plans for 2011 include
completing the Absa Cape Epic without ruining the rest of her downhill racing year, she wants to win the World Cup Downhill Series and have a fun
year enjoying wearing the Rainbow jersey that took her so long to win.

From 27 March to 3 April, all eyes will be on the Western Cape as the world’s top riders vie for position in what is billed to be the most
competitive event in the race’s history. Mountain biking enthusiasts not participating in the Absa Cape Epic are invited to enter the Cape Times
Vigne-a-Vigne mountain bike race. The race promises participants breathtaking scenery and spectacular mountain biking terrain, and cyclists
will be given the opportunity to enter either the 50km or 27km challenges.
Interested riders can register online at  <>

The Cape Times Lourensford Vineyard Run is a unique trail running race offering a choice of a 6 or 15km route. The Vineyard Run (also on 3 April
2011) will provide participants with beautiful vistas and numerous climbs through the idyllic and picturesque Lourensford Wine Estate. Interested
parties can enter online at  <>  <> for more details and to see
where the riders are online during the race.

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