Travel in style and comfort with Hyundai Veloster

A new concept in a car, the Veloster combines the style of a coupé with the functionality of a hatchback.

The Veloster is that concept made real. It’s where design meets practicality. With a short front overhang, this punchy coupé pulls off a sporty look. It is low to the ground with wide apart wheels and a design that exudes style. Veloster drivers are certain to have a once-in-a-lifetime driving experience.


1+ 2 Door configuration

One door on the drivers side, two on the passenger side. A breakthrough in

automotive design. This landmark design features shows off Hyundai’s

progressive nature and willingness to challenge everything you thought you

knew about a coupé. With a hidden door handle that makes sure you keep that

sleek, coupé styling in the bodywork whilst still giving you access to the

rear seats when you need it.


Dual centre exhaust

As good looking from the rear as it is from the front. With a twin-barrelled

and chrome tipped centre exhaust, on-lookers from the rear know you mean

business. The exhaust is centrally located and neatly built into the centre

of the bumper to show off the Velosters sporty and aggressive nature.


Outside mirrors with LED side repeaters

The outside electric folding mirrors are easily folded inwards to protect

them against damage and parking in tight spaces. They’re also stylishly

shaped and feature LED repeaters, adding to the high-tech character. Using

these repeaters will increase your visibility to other road users when



Bluetooth Hands-free

Integrated Bluetooth allows music to be streamed and phone calls to be made

and received hands-free using your Bluetooth- compatible external device.

Staying connected matters.


18″ Alloy wheels

To provide that extra edge of sportiness, the 18” alloy wheels match the

ferocious personality of the Veloster. The wheels are paired up with 215/40

R 18 tyres to ensure heightened grip and stability.


Multi function steering wheel

The steering wheel of the Veloster gives you access to those important

features you need to keep your driving experience focused on the road. The

steering wheel remote control allows the driver to adjust the audio system

and cruise control without lifting your hands from the wheel.


Engineered for safety

A car has to be well built from every single perspective. That means paying

as much attention to safety as style and design. Safety is a top priority

for Hyundai, and it’s been given close attention throughout the Veloster, in

the form of a comprehensive airbag system as standard.

The depowered airbags on the front seats deploy at reduced force to prevent

possible injury. Side and curtain airbags add to the protection in the event

of a collision. They also reduce the possibility of head injuries, and

prevent occupants from being catapulted forwards.

The Electronic Stability Control regulates brake pressure and engine output

in the event of a sudden change of direction, acceleration and braking, to


bring the car safely under control.

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