Van Heerden confident ahead of the fight



ALL the eyes of boxing fans will be focusing at the Emperors place this Saturday (June 16) where the Nashua Super Eight Boxing tournaments also known as “The Last Man Standing” will be taking place.

The battle will start at 8pm when twelve fighters face each other for an ultimate title with the main attraction as the fight between the current IBO Welterweight champion, Chris Van Heerden who is expected to defend his title against Sebastian Lujan.

Van Heerden has since said nothing will stop him from defending his title as he can’t afford to let down his fans and camp, especially that he will be fighting at home.

“I am not going to make any predictions but I will just be positive instead, and I can’t wait to be in that ring for this fight” Said Van Heeden at the pre-fight press conference held at Emperors Palace yesterday.

With all the fighters being confident about the upcoming tournaments, the cruiseweight Zack Nwekassa believes that the competition is an exciting division and actually the heaviest weight. “Expect nothing but a tremendous aggressiveness.” He said.

Loyiso mthya stated: “the place of boxing is broken, it needs surgery.” He elaborated his statement by saying that boxing is not in a place where it used to be therefore the viewership as well as support has deteriorated over the years, it must be picked up to a place where it used to be.

The winners will proceed to the semi-finals that will be held on the 22 of September; however, boxing fans will only know the IBO’s champion on the 10th of November. Chief Operating officer of the IBO said he is looking forward to the tournament and tickets are still available as there was a slight confusion about being sold out.

The order of bouts as follows: On the Cruiseweight division will be Tshepang Mohale vs Zack Nwekassa, Thabiso Mchunu vs Flo Simba, Danie Venter vs Daniel Bruwer and Johnny Muiller vs Ran Nakash. On the catchweight division is Lukes Jere vs Ran Nakash and lastly on the IBO welterweight world title is Sabastian Lujan vs Chris Van Heerden.




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