Vermezovic's Memorable Quotes

FORMER Kaizer Chiefs coach, Vladimir Vermezovic’s tenure in Naturena was at times dominated by controversy.

Vladimir Vermezovic, the Serb-born Kaizer Chiefs coach, has always been an enigma to South African media. His rocky relationship with the media is well documented.

Unpredictable, often temperamental, the Serb has had a love-hate relationship with the local press. One minute he is courting them with charm and jokes, then the next day he is in arms with them.

Today, Chiefs terminated his contract thus ending his rein few months before the contract was due to expire.

We look back at some of his memorable quotes:

On the media

“Sorry, you want me to discuss tactics? I don’t discuss tactics with the media, I only discuss tactics with people who understand tactics.”

On his players

“My players have been reading in newspapers in the last few weeks that I’m so arrogant but you know if believing in my players is arrogance, then yes I am arrogant! If believing in God is arrogance, yes I’m arrogant.”

On rumours of being fired:

“About rumours that I will be sacked after a possible defeat today, I did not hear anything. Bobby didn’t say anything to me.

“However, I realised that something has happened because yesterday I was at pick n pay and normally people who work there when they are around me they speak in English. But yesterday everyone spoke their language. I will go again tomorrow and check if they will speak in English.”

“I got information from my friends that the newspapers are saying Chiefs are talking to this coach and that coach. That doesn’t bother me.

“There is no pressure for me, I have said this a million times and I will repeat it again. It’s a pleasure to work here. Sometimes you (media) are the pressure because you ask me questions all the time. But there is no pressure but responsibility.

On Jimmy Tau

“If someone doesn’t respect the club’s rules then he must pay. Jimmy didn’t respect the rules. Because of that, I made the decision to change him and put [in] Khune instead.

“It is an internal issue and feel that I would be breaking my own beliefs and Tau’s if I publicly say it. Players here tend to take things a bit too personal. But it’s not personal, it’s business. Jimmy is an excellent guy, he accepted the decision and nothing has changed (in our relationship),”


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