Wembley Stadium to host the world cup of Danone Nations Cup

AFTER a six month period of national qualifying rounds held in 32 countries, the 14th edition of the Danone Nations Cup World final will be kicked off in London (UK).

The September 7th, the greatest football competition dedicated to children (10 to 12 years old) will take place in Wembley’s legendary arena. The Danone Nations Cup’s 400 young participants will be set to fire up the place and share magical and exceptional moments all together.

The event’s faithful godfather, Zinedine Zidane, will be present to launch the final. “For those 400 kids who will visit and play for the first time in such an exciting place, it’s just a dream come true. Can you imagine, when you are 10 years old, playing in the stadium where your idols played a few weeks ago… I just want to tell them one word: enjoy!”                                    

During the six months running up to this great event, the National tournament will take place across all four corners of the world. These stages of the tournament will involve more than 2.5 million kids, coming from 11,000 clubs and 34,000 schools.

The goal for all of these kids will be to live their dreams and share their passion for football.

The goal of the Danone Nations Cup is to offer the greatest possible number of kids the opportunity to live a part of their dream.

« We wanted to create an event which we could identify with, close to our values and which can get the maximum of people involved with a worldwide dimension, an event which can unite people in a spirit of open-mindedness, in sharing, emotion and respect. An event for the children of the entire world. This is how the Danone Nations Cup was born in 2000. » Franck Riboud, Chairman & CEO of Danone.

The Danone Nations Cup, a unique and unforgettable event, based on sport, strong values and emotions.

The Danone Nations Cup has gained credibility and legitimacy in the international world of football, notably thanks to FIFA’s stamp of approval.

This credibility had been built on over the years with the ever-strengthening involvement of the national ambassadors in each country, such as Vicente Del Bosque in Spain, Cafú in Brazil, Dimitri Berbatov in Bulgaria, Hagi in Romania, Michael Ballack in Germany…        

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