White Star Quick: Maize Meal goodness in just 2 minutes

SAVING time is important when juggling a career with nurturing a family, but White Star understands that this doesn’t mean you want to compromise on the nutritional quality of the food you feed your loved ones.  That is why White Star, South Africa’s favourite maize brand, is bringing you White Star Quick.

As the name suggests, this innovative new variant is quick to make and still promises all the goodness you have come to expect from White Star.  Stiff pap, breakfast porridge or phutu can now be whipped up in just 2 minutes and have the same great taste as if you had slaved over the stove.

“White Star Quick is designed to fit into our consumers’ busy lifestyles by offering them an alternative to regular super maize meal that is both convenient and enjoyable.  White Star Quick saves time while still delivering on quality and great taste,” says Mokhele Makhothi, White Star Marketing Manager.  “In just 2 minutes traditional pap can be part of modern, everyday life and it can even be made in the microwave.”

Knowing that consumers enjoy White Star but are also short of time, the White Star development team was sent overseas to use the latest innovations in food to develop the White Star Quick prototype.  The extensive research conducted among consumers suggested that South Africans would love this product and so a plant was commissioned and production began. World class manufacturing processes are used to produce White Star Quick ensuring the same quality, taste and versatility consumers have come to expect from White Star.

With its innovative, distinctive and futuristic silver packaging White Star Quick will be easy to identify and is available in two convenient 1kg and 2.5kg pack sizes.


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