Work your bod at home – the Joost van der Westhuizen way!

An internationally-renowned rugby legend such as Joost, who’s always in the public spotlight, needs to maintain his physical prowess. And now you can, too – with your own Joost Gym, approved by the master himself!

Says Gary Hartslief, CEO of Fitness World, the company which produces the Joost Gym, “For a guy in Joost’s position, his body is his business, we at Fitness World believe that everyone has the opportunity to be at their physical best with a handy home gym like Joost’s at their disposal!” 

We all know how often gym memberships fall by the wayside, as, with our busy lifestyles, we’re seldom able to schedule gym visits. With a gym in your home, however, there are no excuses any more, and workouts can be slotted into those awkward gaps between appointments.

Is it your abs you want to work on? Pecs? Glutes? Biceps? Triceps? No worries! Whatever muscle-group you’re interested in, is taken care of by this surprisingly compact, sleek-looking piece of home exercise equipment.

This high-tech, multipurpose device has been cunningly designed to fit a maximum of exercise options into a minimum of space. And, because it’s so easy to adjust, various members of the family, from teenagers to grandparents, can benefit from it. 

During the festive season, the price of this remarkable all-in-one device has been dropped by two thousand Rand, so now there’s no excuse for not spoiling the person who deserves it most – you! 

You can order your own on 076 560 9570 or email 

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