World Cricket Legends in the Wild South Africa 2011: a spectacle of cricket and natural African beauty and hospitality

BEYOND Boundaries announced the second edition of its iconic “World Cricket Legends” property. To be held in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa between Nov 13th 2011 and November 16th 2011 the property is dubbed ‘World Cricket Legends in the Wild’ and will see cricket bat for conservation.

Beyond Boundaries owns and operates “World Cricket Legends” (WCL) – a pioneering sports tourism property, that brings together some of the most celebrated cricketers for an adrenaline-rushing game of cricket, each time, in an all-new destination. The WCL Cricket Match is the centre-piece of a three-night itinerary where the entire WCL contingent savours the sights, sounds and smells of the selected destination. As much as the destination is the star, the hero of the WCL is cricket…

WCL was born in 2009 when it created history by being the world’s highest cricket match and also the first-ever cricket match on snow. WCL on Snow took place at the highest summit of the Bernese Alps, Jungfrau Joch, at 11,333ft on India’s 62nd Independence Day. Kapil Dev led Team India to score a last-ball victory against Allvin Kallicharran’s All Star team, and Switzerland was formally introduced to cricket.

This year Beyond Boundaries brings back WCL with an even more unique setting and equally distinguished cricketers. “WORLD CRICKET LEGENDS IN THE WILD” will take place in the middle of the South African Bush and feature the Battle of the Big 6’s: Old India v/s Old South Africa.  This is set to be an exceptional event – one that will celebrate the game of cricket; will celebrate legendary players who have become immortalised for their sheer talent, showmanship and sportsmanship ethic; will celebrate the deep and intense rivalry between two of the world’s greatest cricket nations; and will celebrate the wild, beautiful, untamed wilderness of South Africa. Beyond Boundaries has partnered South African Tourism to craft this spectacle together with the support of FirstRand Bank, Tourism KwaZulu Natal and &Beyond.

Says Sugen Pillay, Global Head of Events at South African Tourism: “The World Cricket Legends in the Wild is going to be a wonderful celebration of the game. But more than this, it’s going to be a celebration of destination South Africa. It gives us an opportunity to remind the world of our deep and abiding commitment to preserving our wonderful wilderness areas. And it gives us an opportunity, too, to showcase the rest of our destination: South Africa’s family friendly cities; the wide, wide range of varied and value for money experiences that South Africa offers; South Africa’s superb tourist-friendly infrastructure; South Africa’s magnificent weather; and a nation of people who are friendly and warmly welcoming of visitors.”

Speaking on the occasion, Jaideep Sinh Parmar, Managing Director, Beyond Boundaries said, “After creating history by organizing the first-ever cricket match on snow, Beyond Boundaries takes pride in being able to highlight the conservation efforts of the South African reserves through the iconic World Cricket Legends. Cricket legends are set to play in the wild in a bid to draw the world’s attention to the positive effects of conservation and the successful efforts of involving local communities. WCL celebrates the empowerment of these local communities by including local community children as support fielders. In a recessionary market it has been Herculean to pull off a property of this magnitude and for the same we are indeed thankful to our sponsors South Africa Tourism, FirstRand Bank, Tourism KwaZulu Natal and &Beyond to have made this possible.”

The “WORLD CRICKET LEGENDS IN THE WILD” extravaganza is planned between 13th November, 2011 and 16th November, 2011 where cricket stars will pad up to play an exhilarating game of cricket in the wild. Saying that South Africa’s ‘Big Five’, will be amongst the spectators, will not be far from the truth! The WCL Match will be held on 15th November, 2011 to be followed by a glittering prize-giving ceremony, the WORLD CRICKET LEGEND AWARDS. On the preceding night will be a Welcome Dinner in the Bush and on the non-match day we will organise game drives that highlight the conservation efforts as also the beauty of the South African wild.

TEAM INDIA v/s TEAM SOUTH AFRICA: Players part of the Team India are former test cricketers from India and those part of the Team South African team are former test players from South Africa.





Mr. Kapil Dev (Captain)

Mr. Mike Procter (Captain) 

Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar

Mr. Graeme Pollock 

Mr. Ajay Jadeja

Mr. Lance Klusener

Mr. Aunshuman Gaekwad

Mr. Andrew Hudson

Mr. Sandeep Patil

Mr. Peter Kirsten  

Mr. Roger Binny 

Mr. Paul Adams  






13th Nov

8.30pm onwards, WCL Welcome Bash

14th Nov

7.30pm, WCL Bush BBQ with Mr. Sandeep Patil

15th Nov

8.30am – 11.30am, WCL Cricket Match in the Wild

7.30pm onwards, WCL Awards and Presentation Ceremony

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